PhD Programme

PhD in management

The objective of Ph. D. Programme is to retain the current and develop the emerging scholars for career in teaching, research, training and consulting. The programme focuses on

(i) equipping researchers with the knowledge of comprehensive and encompassing research methodology;

(ii) initiating research in Priority and Gap areas of knowledge to fill up the existing vacuum in the theory and practice of management, economics and commerce education;

(iii) grooming highly motivated Teachers and Trainers for the Institutes, which have been facing acute shortage of faculty due to rapid growth of enrolments and proliferation of universities, business schools and research institutes in India recently;

(iv) preparing professionals, who are endowed with the requisite intellectual capability, distinctive vision and perspective to cope up with the emerging challenges of rapidly changing economic and business world; and

(v) nurture the emerging scholars for career in research by endowing them

a) with an insatiable desire to know,

b) encouraging them to incessantly invoke intuitive insights, and imaginative speculation, and

c) induce them to explore and experiment with ideas in order to invest the same into facts.

An important objective of the programme is to equip the scholars with the capability to grasp and analyze the emerging trends in the constantly changing Business and Economic Environment and foresee and envisage the future Potentials and Possibilities in order to throw up New Concepts and Perceive and Conceive new Theories that may guide future Policies on the one hand, and explain the new Facts or Reality on the other.